Auto Gate System

Installing an automated gate system will enhance the security of properties and also guarantees our living privacy as well. We endeavor at providing autogate solutions that guarantee you utmost security without leaving anything to chances.

Low Maintenance
High Quality Product
Reasonable Price
Experienced Installer

Sliding Gate

Range of sliding gate motors maximum up to 2500kg

Internal fan to ensure an intensive use

Self-locking operators with electro mechanical or magnetic limit switches

Speed adjustment and slowdown in opening and closing

Soft start and soft stop for all versions

400V version with electromechanical braking device

Open the gate without get off from your car while raining

Swing Gate

Swing gate arms for leafs maximum up to 4.5m

Self-locking and not self-locking operators

Slow speed versions, to permit a higher dimensions of the leaf

Available with articulated arm or sliding arm

Versions with encoder both in 230V and 24V, to manage the position precisely

Possibility to use horizontal or vertical fixing plates (optional)